10 ways to grow your business using video marketing

10 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to grow your business. Video marketing can be used for many different purposes, such as social media ads and marketing videos for business.

Video content has the power to capture someone’s attention in just seconds – which makes it an ideal choice if you want your message to go viral!

Video Content

In addition to acquiring new leads, video marketing may help your company develop by building trust with potential and current clients, increasing customer spend, and converting prospects into buyers.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 ways that will help grow your business using video marketing!

Table of contents:

1. Create videos that showcase the best features of your business and what sets you apart from other competitors.

Establishing and maintaining a personal connection with your audience through video marketing will help you stand out from the competition.

You should keep in mind that people are more likely to respond better when they feel like there’s someone on the other end! Video marketing is an excellent way of making viewers feel as though you’re talking directly to them.

Best Features

For example, if you have created videos showcasing all of the great features of your products or services.

You could also create a “how-to” video for those who may not understand how certain aspects work, such as tutorials on using specific applications or software programs.

By creating these types of videos, potential customers will get acquainted with your company in no time at all! Video content has the potential to increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and conversion rates.

Using social media ads and marketing videos for business, video marketing is an inexpensive method of expanding your company’s reach.

Additionally, video marketing is one of the most successful methods of communicating since people are naturally more drawn to listen and watch videos than they are to read articles, making video marketing one of the most effective methods of communicating.

2. Make sure your video has an engaging introduction, compelling content, and clear call-to-action 

Video marketing is a great way for businesses to show off their personality and creativity in order to attract more customers.

Create videos that are short, but not too long–it’s been found that people have a much higher chance of watching shorter videos than longer ones!

Source: Content by Jenn Jager

Remember: don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats or styles because you never know what might work best for you.

Every business starts out small, so it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day as an entrepreneur who would rather spend any free moment working on growing his or her business instead of trying (and failing) at socials.

When it comes to growing your organization, video marketing is a straightforward and cost-effective strategy.

The use of video marketing is not limited to large corporations; small firms can also benefit from this marketing tactic, particularly if they are active on social media.

Having a compelling content marketing strategy is essential for success in today’s digital world.

Content Strategy

Making a video and sharing it on social media in the hopes of it becoming viral is not video marketing.

There are many creative ways to leverage the power of video–plus, people watch more than 100 million hours of online videos every day!

Your video should irresistible to the viewer, whether it’s an explainer video or a promotional video.

In terms of generating sales, video marketing can be used to engage with your audience and raise brand awareness—it is not only about making a sale!

Here are some ideas for successful video marketing:

  • Create videos that compel viewers in less than 60 seconds
  • Use high production quality videos which target specific audiences on social media
  • Try video marketing that’s interactive, like live streaming
  • Make videos you can reuse–create evergreen content or keep the same message with different visuals
  • Bring life to numbers and statistics by telling stories through vlogs, Q&A videos, and testimonials
  • Video marketing can be used to show off your business’s best features–showcase new products or services with short demonstrations
  • Think outside the box by creating a video that solves consumer problems. For example, Coca-Cola created an interactive game called “Virtual Insanity” where participants enter into a virtual world of dance challenges in order to win prizes.
  • Show how you use technology for social good using graphics and visuals on screensavers, like Instagram images from disaster areas showing people donating clothing through their app
    These are just some ideas! Video marketing is versatile so try different formats as often as possible to see which ones work well for your business goals.
Live Streaming

3. Use YouTube or Facebook ads to reach new customers by targeting specific demographics and interests

YouTube and Facebook are both great ways to market your business, especially when you’re targeting a specific demographic and group of people with the same interest or agenda.

Source: Content created by Andrew Ethan Zeng

In this part, I’m going to share a few tips on how to use YouTube or Facebook ads in order to reach new customers by knowing the right targets.

  • First of all, it’s important for businesses that want to target users based on demographics such as age range and gender is create an ad campaign with those specifications. You can do so by using Google Adwords or FB Ads Manager.
  • Secondly, make sure your videos have good titles because studies show that 95% of viewers click away from content where they cannot tell what it is about within 30 seconds!
  • Thirdly if you would like more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel, make sure you have a great thumbnail. Video titles that are too long or don’t give the viewer an idea of what’s in the video will also deter viewers from clicking.
  • Lastly, be consistent with posting videos at least once every week!

4. Be creative in how to use video marketing

Videos are a wonderful way to reach a large number of people, but in order to be effective, you must think beyond the box.

Try using video marketing as a customer service tool by answering common questions or showing how your product works through demo videos.

It is possible to employ video marketing in a variety of methods, ranging from simple talking head video blogs to complex productions that include actors and location shooting.

It’s all about how creative you are willing to get!

Video blog posts:

Video Blog

An excellent way of adding rich content that will help visitors find what they’re looking for on your website and stay connected with you online.

It is also perfect for blogging while on the go. Whether you’re walking through your neighborhood or sitting in a coffee shop, video is an easy way to document and share what’s happening right now.

Take it one step further by interviewing those around you too!

Focus On One Topic: No matter how many videos you post, people will not watch everything if there isn’t some cohesion between each production.

If possible, focus on just one topic at first so that viewers can easily know where to find the content they’ll like best within your channel

Infomercial Videos:

These have been done before but don’t let their familiarity be an excuse for staying away from them altogether. They work because of their simplicity

If you’re the type of person that likes having everything organized ahead of time (and it’s more your speed) or you are more of a fly by the seat of your pants creative type then a scripted video blog is perfect for you.

5. Share these videos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. as well as on forums and blogs so viewers can easily find them again later

Use these sites as an opportunity to share video content for your company or product and you can quickly increase the number of followers.

This is a great way to make sure that people see the videos, like them, or comment on them because it will show up in their feed. It’s also advisable to create different types of videos that cater to the different social media sites.

Different social media platforms have different video sizes, video length limits, and other parameters.

On Facebook:

Facebook Video

Videos should be shorter than 15 seconds in order to optimize the user experience while scrolling through their news feed.

Posting videos longer than this limit will result in a lower engagement rate from viewers on your posts.

It is common to use a square or 1:1 size of the video to optimize the video’s visual appeal.

On Instagram:

You can post videos as long as you want or even one continuous video if it’s less than an hour long (in total).


Stories are also available for all users with Instagram, which is great for posting quick updates about company products and/or services – just make sure not to exceed 60 minutes worth of content per day so that it doesn’t interfere with followers’ feeds!

On Twitter:

Social media sites like Twitter have different rules when it comes to the number of characters used within a tweet, so make sure to use these spaces wisely.

Twitter Post

Videos on Twitter should be no longer than 140 characters in order to ensure that they fit within the tweet stream and not become cut off by mobile apps. They also need subtitles so that people who cannot hear it can still watch and understand what you are saying with your video content.

On Pinterest:

Video pins have an aspect ratio of 16×16 pixels at a maximum width of 600 pixels which makes them perfect for sharing short animations or shorter clips from larger videos that you would like to share.

The Social Media Examiner’s Social Video Marketing Study found that videos are viewed up to nine times longer than text, so it is important not only to include a title and description for the video but also subtitles if you’re using voice-over or another type of audio other than music.

Pin It

The study also noted that Facebook posts with videos have an “11% higher median organic reach and a 22% higher engagement rate” than those without.

With Facebook Live, it is now possible to broadcast live video content to your entire audience who are logged in at the same time that you go live.

If they don’t happen to be online when you start broadcasting then they will receive a notification informing them that you’re live and they can tune in at their convenience.

This is great as it means your content will be seen by everyone who’s interested, no matter when they decide to watch the video – unlike videos on YouTube which can only be viewed one time unless users save or upload the file themselves.

With Facebook Live, there’s no need to worry if your viewers will be able to see the video or not and it can be watched by many people at once.

This means that you’ll have a much higher chance of going viral, as videos are one of Social Media’s most shared posts on Facebook.

6. Consider creating promotional videos that show off different aspects of your business such as behind-the-scenes footage, testimonials, or interviews with employees about their favorite features and benefits of the product or service

Video marketing is a powerful means of communication that has the potential to be far more effective than text and still images.

It’s important, then, for businesses to consider creating promotional videos that show off different aspects of their business such as behind-the-scenes footage, testimonials, or interviews with employees about their favorite features and benefits of the product or service.

A promotional video can be an effective way to build a connection between customers and your brand as it shows them how you go about providing customer service and products.

  • Promotional videos often tell stories that are more engaging than text content on social media networks like Facebook.  For this reason, they’re always interesting to watch since people want to know what happens next.  As long as you keep things short (less than two minutes) your viewers will engage in watching through until the end which is better for market share when compared with other forms of marketing such as blogging where readers might just glance at headlines before scrolling down onto something else.
  • Behind-the-scenes footage is also a great option because it provides customers with the opportunity to see what goes into producing your product or service.  This is especially useful for those who are considering buying from your company and would have questions about how you provide customer service, such as manufacturing practices.
  • Video testimonials are great too because they are a more personal form of marketing.  A testimonial can come from one person or many people, and it is also very convincing to a potential customer who might be on the fence about buying your product or service.

Source: Case study created by Andrew Davis

7. Promote your videos by using hashtags

To promote your content, try using hashtags in the title of your post and on every mention or link to it.

This is especially useful for Instagram because hashtags help people find and engage with posts they want to watch!

You can also use hashtagging techniques like inserting a hashtag after an emoji (like this: 😍🎉) for more engagement from viewers.

It’s important not to overwhelm followers by tagging too many times in one post though – stick to around three tags per clip.”


Hashtags help people find and engage with the videos they want.

This is especially true in popular meme or hashtag communities like #fashionvideos, where a post without hashtags may not show up as well in the feed of viewers who follow that tag.

Using hashtags people are more likely to find them through search engines like Google or Bing or even Yahoo.

8. Make use of your marketing video to introduce your company or even yourself to potential customers.

  • Introduce your company by giving a brief overview of what it is and how it can offer the customer something they need. This introduction video should be no more than two minutes in length.
  • Create an introduction video for yourself that you post on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter as well as YouTube to introduce new connections who may not know much about you.
  • Make a video introduction for your company to post on YouTube and other social media platforms that show who they are, what services or products they offer, their location, contact information, hours of operation, etc.
  • When posting content online it’s important to include contact details so potential customers can find out more about the product or service offered by clicking through to the website address given in the video introduction. A link should be included at the beginning and end of any introduction videos posted on YouTube as well as other social media platforms.”
  • If you have a product or service that doesn’t require an introduction, consider creating video tutorials to answer potential customer questions.
  • Keep in mind the best practices for writing an introduction paragraph if it is being used as content on your website.”

Key Takeaway:

Introducing yourself and what you offer through video marketing has many benefits because people can learn more about what they are getting before they commit to buying anything.

Introduce Yourself

9. Make use of your marketing video to provide detailed instructions on how to properly use your product.

Your marketing video should not only be used for creating brand awareness but also as an educational resource for your customers. If you sell a product, then your video should also be able to provide instructions on how to properly use that product.

  • The product video should be an outline of the product, how it works and what does it do.
  • Provide a visual demonstration of how to use your product.
  • Explain the product features.
  • It should also provide you with examples of product applications such as in a household or at work.
  • Place videos where customers will find them – when they are doing product research or shopping around for products that may suit their needs.
  • Be descriptive in detail so that viewers can see and understand visuals as well as hear verbal instructions from the presenter.
  • You can include infographics on your video for product feature comparisons and product usage videos.
  • Other advantages include providing details about product features while showcasing examples so potential customers know what they’re buying before they buy it; being able to explain complicated processes with visuals rather than just text-based information; and creating tutorials on different ways your product can be used by demonstrating

10. Create a variety of video types that are tailored to your specific purpose and target audience.

One of the easiest and best types of video to create is an explainer video.

This type will typically have a script or narration that explains your product’s features in less than two minutes.

Source: Biteable

It may also be accompanied by visuals like photos, charts, graphs, illustrations, animations, and even whiteboard drawings.

One video type you might not have thought of is a video sales letter.

This type usually has many similarities to the traditional “sales letter” but it’s delivered through an engaging and compelling personal story that demonstrates your product in action.

In just one or two minutes, explainer videos are easy and efficient ways to teach potential customers what they need to know about products before purchasing them.

They can also be used on their own without any additional text content if there’s no more space available online or time left in the day between posts.

Explainer Video

Video sales letters are a little more time-consuming to create, but they’re also an effective tactic for building trust and forming lasting connections with your audience.

You can even sell products in video form by explaining how they’ll benefit the buyer and why they should buy right now!

You don’t have to limit yourself to these types of videos – there are plenty of other types you could explore as well: live event coverage; short clips that teach or explain something new; product demos showing off their features before someone purchases them.

The key is finding what works best for your purpose and target audience so you get positive results from this exciting type of marketing strategy!


A video is a powerful tool that can help your business grow in ways you never thought possible.

These ten ideas should get you started thinking about how to incorporate video into your marketing strategy and what types of videos would be best for the various purposes, target audiences, and features of your business.

Video is Power

If this sounds intimidating or overwhelming to create on your own, we’d love to partner with you!

Our team has years of experience leveraging video marketing techniques to drive sales by creating engaging video content across multiple platforms including social media, youtube, blog posts, and even TV commercials. Let us know if there are any areas where we could support you in growing your company-we look forward to hearing from you soon! Please contact us at any moment if you require assistance with video creation.


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